Youkta Seed production

Youkta seed production enables integration of entire seed production process to single platform, optimize their functionalities, and improve product quality and marketability while reducing their time to market and development costs.

Youkta seed production enables information capture related to seed production activities in real-time with spatial view of field activities via geo-tagged farm lands, production planning and monitoring and real-time data analytics to support quick decision making.


  • Plan, manage, analyze and assess breeding projects
  • Inbuilt techniques - marker-assisted selections, plant physiology, biochemistry and plant pathology
  • Handles all crop schemes – Self pollinated, hybrid, population and propagation
  • Supports both conventional and modern marker-assisted breeding approaches
  • Data collection and management – Pedigree and breeding information, Trial and field data, Genotypic data
  • Analytics and decision support

Seed trails

  • Assess variety/hybrid superiority
  • Comparative analysis across locations from ‘age of first flowering’ to ‘days from flowering to harvest’
  • Diseases, pests and abiotic stress resistance evaluation
  • Yield performance comparison
  • Holistic view of trial data across varieties and locations
  • Weather forecast
  • Crop health assessment and advisory
  • Key performance indices to assess field performance
  • Quality assessment
  • Data management, integration and analytics

Seed production

  • Spatial view of field activities – geo tagged farms
  • Control over business processes, quality, and traceability compliance.
  • Channel to advise and implement best farming practices
  • Direct access to growers and field-level monitoring
  • Auto generation of crop activity calendar from sowing to harvest
  • 360o harvest forecast
  • High yield and high quality
  • Seed extraction and processing procedures tracking
  • Live weather forecast to prevent crop losses
  • Current business trends to assists in planning the produce marketing
  • Organized data analysis to support rapid alternate course of action
  • End-to-end input, actions and output (produce) Traceability
  • Dynamic channel to manage and track crop protection measures and record keeping for certification
  • Harvest planner forecasts help plan post harvest activities, dispatches and meet customer expectations.


  • Dynamic digital platform to achieve profitable and sustainable agribusiness
  • Easy-to-use interface and flexible workflow functionality
  • Secured and protected data
  • Flexible and economic solution for monitoring end-to-end process
  • Improved accuracy through consistent and authentic data
  • Quicker access to field situations
  • Improved compliance with timestamps and GPS location
  • Robust data collection, management, and analytics
  • Geographic specific weather forecasts helps generate real-time alerts of pests and disease thus preventing crop losses