Integration of entire contract farming process onto a single platform, to optimize their functionalities, and improve profitability while reducing their time to market and development costs. Youkta contract farming facilitates planning, tracking, monitoring of on-field and/or off-field activities through connecting farmer, farm, procurement, processing, supply chain and financial data management and analysis, which in turn supports data based quick decision making.

  • Allows streamlined planning of procurement, processing and QA
  • Enables traceability
  • Market updates and live on-farm field data helps to opt alternate course of action
  • KPI based analytics supports potential business strategies

Product’s competencies -

  • Plan, organize, manage and monitor – farm activities, inputs and output in real time
  • Record farm operations such as scouting, advisories, field tasks, surveys, yield projections.
  • Real-time monitoring and assessment of field force work potential
  • Effective management of multiple farmers and small farm land holdings
  • Easy handling of multiple transactions between the contractor/contact farming company and farmer, per crop life cycle
  • Predictive harvest planner and tool to assess farm yield potential
  • Weather forecast that promotes timely pest preventive measures
  • Efficient tracking of input supply to farms

Benefits to agribusiness sector -

  • Dynamic digital platform to achieve profitable and sustainable agribusiness
  • Entire data of product life cycle at finger tips
  • Transparent and accurate activity records that prevents input diversion and extra contractual marketing
  • Reduced farmer discontent through continual and timely crop management advisory by field force
  • Geo tagged farms authenticates accurate data on land under cultivation, input quantity requirements and target yield projections
  • Geographic specific weather forecasts helps generate real-time alerts of pests and disease thus preventing crop losses
  • Track nutrients and other inputs provided to the crop over a period of time
  • Dynamic channel to manage and track crop protection measures and record keeping for certification
  • Harvest planner forecasts help plan post harvest activities, dispatches and meet customer expectations.
  • Deliver the right produce on time enhancing your customer confidence
  • Analytical engine that strengthens data based quick decision making
  • Facilitates managing farmer/vendor records in one place, always accessible at finger tips.
  • Comprehensive tracking and production management of crop with diverse seed varieties and farming practices