Youkta farm management

A complete on-line collaboration platform, between the R&D bodies, Policy makers and Farmers facilitating demand driven food production and Research & innovation.

Youkta offers an integrated agribusiness platform that is built to link all stakeholders and all aspects of agribusiness, from crop advisory to marketing produce; thus focusing on overall economic empowerment of the community and the nation at large leading to sustainable development.

Addresses challenges in farm management-

  • Grower management
  • Efficient field operations management
  • Competition, scalability, rising costs
  • Volatile and un-predictable weather
  • Timely availability of inputs
  • Competencies and efficiencies
  • Ever-changing technology landscape
  • Difficulty in traceability
  • Insufficient administration
  • Demand and market identification
  • Lack of real-time connectivity and monitoring
  • Reliable real-time traceability data that meets export and compliance certification requirement
  • Strong analytical engine to collect, analyze and enable informed decision making.
  • Integrates both business and operational data to improve efficiencies and in turn, contributes to significant ROI.

Strengthens farm operational process:

  • Single window to witness organized farm-life, allocated resources, performed and planned activities and business progression
  • Knowledge base of best farming practices, auto-scheduled crop activity calendar, harvest planner helps maintain farm productive, sustainable, resistant and profitable
  • Accurate records of farmer and farm details along with their financial and production data, will help analyze the information and operate more efficiently, thus increasing profitability.
  • Holistic view on a single platform enables users to plan more efficiently and track activities in real-time; makes it easier for farm production plans to be accessed and used by all team members.
  • Manage risks better by on-time information such as weather forecasting, early detection and proactive measures towards pests and disease demand, supply or market prices for the goods which are often beyond direct influence.