Population Growth – More mouths to feed

A 2020 report found that nearly 690 million people—or 8.9 percent of the global population—are hungry, up by nearly 60 million in five years. world will need to produce about 70 percent more food by 2050 to feed an estimated 10 billion people.

Food Security and Food Safety

Food Security and Food Safety are the major concerns. While many nations are struggling for Food Security, advanced nations are looking for ways to enhance Food Safety. Food safety and security are two complementing elements of our sustainable future.

Food losses and Waste

Around one third of the food produced is lost. The foodstuffs lost and wasted represent around 28% of the world agricultural area and 8% of global greenhouse emissions. Moreover, reducing food waste and losses will represent a major business opportunity valued at more than 400 billion USD (Unilever Reducing food loss and waste, 2019).

Sustainability and Climate Change

Climate change is adversely affecting Food Security across the globe. Food safety and Security must be aligned to achieve sustainability and reduce climate risk.

Youkta’s AgriTek TaaS platform solves these problems through:

  • Increased productivity: Produce more and better food to improve nutrition security and boost incomes. And reduce cost of cultivation.
  • Enhanced resilience:Reduce vulnerability to drought, pests, diseases and other climate-related risks and shocks; and improve capacity to adapt.
  • Increased Revenue Share:Improve the revenue share of the farmers through disintermediation, direct marketing, reduce Food losses and waste, quality showcase leading to better distribution of wealth. Which will in turn increases GDP.
  • Reduced emissions:Pursue lower emissions for each calorie or kilo of food produced, avoid deforestation from agriculture and identify ways to absorb carbon out of the atmosphere.