One Energy

  • Sun is the universal source of energy for Planet Earth. Sun’s energy is harnessed by Plants through Photosynthesis to create food for all life forms.
  • Photosynthesis as the name suggests is production of food from light.
  • Plants synthesize food using Sun light and nutrients from the soil. Soil Nutrition determines the quality of food the plants can produce.
  • Carbs, proteins and fats are either directly and indirectly produced through photosynthesis.
  • One thing to notice here is that we have no Animal Carbs, we have only Animal Fats and Animal Protein which are indirectly synthesized by plants through the animals that consume the plants and their harvest.
  • It is the Sunlight, Carbon and Hydrogen that generates all the food on earth that nourishes life and nature.
  • Now we know why Carbon needs to be in the Soil but not in the atmosphere in the gaseous form (Carbon Dioxide or Carbon monoxide).
  • In essence it is this Transformation of energy from Sun that circulates through all forms of life on Earth.
  • Many ancient civilizations consider the Sun as God equating the source of energy of the Solar System with God.
  • Incidentally AadiShakti or Primordial Energy is one of the names of God in Hinduism.
  • May be many Gods that exist on planet Earth are different forms of Universal Energy experienced by different walks of life.

One Energy, One Planet, One Health, One Future

  • Health is cyclical and circular. We need a healthy planet to grow healthy and nutritious food to have highly productive population.
  • Responsible, Sensible and Accountable production and consumption of Food is the only sustainable way forward.
  • Youkta imbibes these ethos in its TaaS platform; bringing Knowledge, people, processes and Technology (KPPT) together for a collaborative and mutually rewarding journey of life.
  • Protect and enhance plant and animal health and welfare, for sustainable transition of energy to provide Good Food that is Eco-friendly, Farmer-friendly and Ethically sourced.
  • Pollutants of air, water and soil are circulating through the food chain having devastating effect on psycho-somatic development of young kids especially, weakening their immunity and miscued organ development often leading to auto-immune diseases and several other psycho-somatic disorders.
  • It is our earnest responsibility to pave the way for production and consumption of Good Food responsibly, sensibly and accountably!